Man, it took me a while to get back to this! So this is a basic “what if” animation. The folks at WayForward are remaking the old DuckTales NES game as “DuckTales Remastered,” so I decided I’d try to mimic what they did for the Rescue Rangers NES game!

I animated all of the performable actions you can do as Chip based on some sprite sheets I found from the original game. I’m gonna upload a full video of it eventually, once I can get the export to look better. That way it can be seen without a break in the action.

Here’s hoping they actually go forward with a Rescue Rangers remake!

Radmatad, Alex!



Hey, remember when I was doing these pony commissions?? Well I’m open for business again!  $5 gets you your own pony (in your color of choice), an additional $3 for each pony added.  Message me a description of your pony to get started!

[I’m also open for regular commissions, message me for details]

Look looklooklook! That’s my pomy! Caroline drew me as a pomy and I’m a unicorn and my cutie mark is a tea pot this is the best???????? Look how cute they are, Mari and Allison are in there too, AAAAA. I LOVE THEM.

Check it out guys, another one of my super-duper talented friends is taking commissions. Both pony and non-pony!